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Professional SVS Volume Lashes Kit

Contains everything you need to perform Volume Lash treatments: Products, Marketing Material and Client Care.  Kit contains: 

SVS Strut Card 1
Client Aftercare Cards x 50 1
Under Eye Pads x 10 pairs 2
Large Volume Tweezers 1
Volume Angle Tweezers 1
Shallow Adhesive Cups x 100 1
SVS Lashes C-Curl 0.05 Mixed Pack 1
SVS Lashes D-Curl 0.05 Mixed Pack 1
Volume Lashes C-Curl 0.07 Multi-length Pack 1
Volume Lashes D-Curl 0.07 Multi-length Pack 1
Pro SVS Adhesive 1
Lash Band Collection 1
Lash Mirror 1
Retail Mascara Wands x 25 1
Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser 2
Cleansing Brush 2


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