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Nouveau Lashes Adhesive Pro5

A great all-round lash glue that can be used with all techniques; its flexible, black and dries within 3-5 seconds. Can be used by all technical levels. 

Once opened, store in a cool dry room. Keep the bottle tightly closed and in an upright position.

5ml / Cruelty Free & Vegan.

How To Use

Our Pro 5 Lash Adhesive dries in 3-5 seconds, which is longer than some of the other adhesives in our range. This adhesive is ideal for lash artists of varying levels, whether you’re a beginner or professional.

May be used for open and closed eye techniques.

Suitable for clients with sensitive eyes. 

Works best at 20-25C, 50-75% humidity.

Once opened, use within 3 months.



This product has been given the Vegan Trademark, an internationally recognised standard for products that are free of all animal use, in ingredients and testing.


Cyanoacrylates are a group of fast-acting adhesives which react immediately in the presence of water to form an extremely strong bond on the surface of anything that it touches once set.


Latex is a known allergen and repeated use can increase some people's sensitivity to it, which is why we avoid using it in our products.

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