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Nouveau Lashes Professional Brow Sculpting Palette

Create beautiful and individual total eye solutions using the Professional Brow Sculpting Palette. The colour is long-lasting, smudge and sweat proof and water-resistant.  

The palette includes yellow and green corrector colours, you can swirl these 2 colours together and work them around the brow to cover any heavy redness or use the green to conceal red and the yellow to brighten the eyes and the brow bone.  Two highlighters - one matte and one with a little shimmer, these can be used to make eyebrows pop and create the perfect highlight under the eyebrows.

The clear wax can be brushed through the eyebrows at the end of a treatment to keep unruly hairs in the correct place and take away any powdery look.

The palette also contains a finely-tapered angle brush for perfect application.

Cruelty Free & Vegan


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