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HD Brows Pro Pencil Bundle

You can’t have one without the other, so we’ve brought together these two HD Brows essentials.  Get the Pro Pencil & Pro Shaper in the limited edition Pro Pencil Bundle and save 10%, plus get a free gift box. 

Available exclusively from HD Brows, the Pro Pencil’s firm, ultra-fine tip recreates hair strokes in sparse areas of the brow for a full yet natural look. You can only achieve the pencil’s innovate precision tip with a little help of the Pro Shaper – a super sharp, angled blade.

Not only does this bundle allow you to stock up and save on essential products, it’s the perfect bundle for retailing. A consumer bestseller, the Pro Pencil is loved by clients wanting to recreate the professional HD finish in between appointments. A fantastic way to boost your retail sales.

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How To Use

Pull down the string to expose the pencil tip. Gently rest on your forefinger and shave down both sides using the Pro Shaper, until it resembles a flat head screwdriver. Use the super fine tip to add hair strokes through the brow. Apply more pressure to deepen the colour and density

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