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HD Brows Power Brow Bundle

Save 10% on the Brow Crème and Fine Angled Brow Brush in The Power Brow Bundle, plus get a limited edition free gift box.

Creating an Instagram power brow just got a whole lot easier with this two-step kit. Brow Crème is our take on the classic eyebrow pomade. The formula applies with the ease of a cream and sets to a powder finish, for ultra long-lasting, budge-proof brows. Our innovative catch net ensures you pick up just the right amount of product to avoid a heavy finish. Pair with our Fine Angled Brow Brush for a defined finish with natural looking strokes.

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How To Use

Take a small amount from the pot with the Fine Angled Brow Brush and smooth on the back of your hand – smoothing the brush to create a fine sharp edge. Apply in faint hair strokes to recreate the look of hair.

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