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HD Brows Finishing Kit

With our brow finishing kit, you’ll be sure to have a product and shade to create a look totally tailored to every client.

Packed with 38 make up products

One of every brow retail product in every shade

Easily create bespoke make up looks

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What's Included

Eye & Brow Palette Bombshell
Eye & Brow Palette Foxy
Eye & Brow Palette Vamp
Brow Beater
Browtec Bombshell
Browtec Foxy 
Browtec Vamp
Browtec Smoke
Browtec Siren
Browtec Raven
Brow Define Bombshell 
Brow Define Foxy
Brow Define Vamp 
Brow Define Smoke
Brow Define Siren
Brow Define Raven
Brow Colourfix Bombshell 
Brow Colourfix Foxy 
Brow Colourfix Vamp
Brow Colourfix Smoke
Brow Colourfix Siren
Brow Colourfix Raven
Brow Crème Bombshell 
Brow Crème Foxy
Brow Crème Vamp
Brow Crème Smoke
Brow Crème Siren
Brow Crème Raven
Brow Highlighter  Pink Nude
Brow Highlighter Nude
Lash & Brow Booster 
Pro Pencil Black 
Pro Pencil Dark Brown
Pro Pencil Light Brown
Fine Angled Brow Brush
Brow Highlighter Brush
Boutique Bags (Small - pack of 10)
Brow Maximiser
Re-Growth Minimiser

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