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HD Brows Fluffy Brow Bundle

Save 10% on the Brow Glue and Browtec in the limited edition Fluffy Brow Bundle, plus get a free gift box.

Achieve that Instagram brushed up brow look in two simple steps thanks to The Fluffy Brow Bundle. Brush brows into a fluffy, textured brow look with our Brow Glue. This clear brow gel is not your average; it’s an ultra strong-hold gel that sets eyebrow hairs in place all day long. In fact, 85% of people described Brow Glue as the best setting gel they’ve ever used.*

Finally, fill in any sparse areas or gaps with a natural looking hair stroke thanks to the slim tip of our Browtec retractable eyebrow pencil. It’s an easy way to fake the brow lamination at home look.

*Results of an independent user trial with a panel of 40 women.

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How To Use

Brush hairs into your desired position with the Brow Glue.  Next, fill in any sparse gaps with the Browtec by using soft, light strokes.

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