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Established in South Africa by Elmien Scholtz - Bio Sculpture began with a simple aim; to develop premium quality nail products that did not damage the natural nail.  In 1988 Bio Sculpture introduced the first ever UV curing, soakable, colour nail-gel to the world. Today Bio Sculpture is an internationally recognised, award winning nail brand.  Bio Sculpture is the healthier alternative to nail care, no primers, dehydrators or bonders - just healthy, long lasting nails. 


Bio Sculpture has been creating high quality nail gels and products for over 30 years, with a global commitment to education, health, and professionalism.  Bio Sculpture is dedicated to offering professional, tried and tested, quality products, formulated with health and safety as a main focus. Our commitment to educating our technicians on how to care for the natural nail has truly made Bio Sculpture the leaders in healthy nail care worldwide.



With the Bio Sculpture Gel systems, BIO GEL and EVO GEL, you can accurately treat client’s nails and improve their nail health by selecting and matching the right product for their nail type. Simply choose the correct Base & Strengthening Gel according to your client’s nail type.

Bio Sculpture's easy to use nail treatments, polish and gel systems have been specifically designed with nail health & product performance front-of-mind.  All products have been ethically developed to ensure products are vegan, cruelty-free, and contain no dehydrators, primers or bonders. 

Bio Sculpture's unique range of award-winning broad-spectrum treatment gels, along with over 300 high quality colour gels to choose from, allow nail technicians to create truly personalised nail treatments that suit every nail type and lifestyle.


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