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Nouveau Lashes Under Eye Treatment Pads

Hypoallergenic, under eye pads for use during treatments that are ideal for marking up lash extension sizes.

Our non-slip, ultra-thin hypoallergenic Under Eye Treatment Pads are lint-free and gel-free. They are also ergonomically shaped, offering enhanced comfort. They will also keep lower lashes out of the way while performing treatments and protect the delicate under eye area. Using medical grade adhesive, the Under Eye Treatment Pads are kind-to-skin and non-irritant.

Pack of 10 Pairs


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How to Use

Suitable for all lash treatments


Our pads are very sticky to allow for all skin types so de-tack before applying, particularly for sensitive skin. Place each pad under the eye, holding down the lower lashes as you apply.


Lash artists can use these pads to mark-up lash extension sizes with a pen during extension treatments.


You can write on Under Eye Treatment Pads easily, which is great for marking lash extension sizes with a pen during Express, Extend, SVS and Russian Volume treatments. For ease of reference, write the lengths of lash to be used in each of the ‘zones’ on the Under Eye Treatment Pad. Refer to your training manual for more information.




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